0,15 lighter banding and raster unexpected error on DC4

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0,15 lighter banding and raster unexpected error on DC4

Post by PETIT » Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:25 pm

Hy guy !

I 'm looking for help just got a SUMMA DC4 for 6 month now and can't get a good printing on white vinyl. I hope i'll find here some SUMMA thermal printer users (if there is any left) to help me on this printer.
There are two major problems that i'm facing every use: A light banding problem about 0,15 inch on every second pass of the printer (see attached picture). I have played with line feed test, dot overlap, offset color etc.. but no changes. The print is perfect except on 0,15 inch lighter colors in beginning of second pass. This first thing drives me crazy !! :evil: :evil: :evil:
The other problem i'm facing is from time to time i've a "Raster unexpected image error" and tried evrething from booting the Pc and the printer to set administrator access value on pc and delete hard drive memory and change usb cable....Drives me nuts !!:mad::mad:
This printer is very hard to get thru, i'm used to roland printer like switch on print and sell but the SUMMA is quite a pain in the *** to make it work. Summa corp is not very helpfull as they stopped this selling theses dopes.
Hope i'll find so help here.. Is there still any SUMMA DC printer user?? or are you all parts of prehistoric printing history?;);) :D :D

PS : i can't upload the picture for no reason

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