DC5 ribbon snapping/dragging

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DC5 ribbon snapping/dragging

Post by SOS-Racingparts » Tue May 23, 2017 5:20 am

Hi all

We have a brand new DC5 and have quite a few problems, but at the moment the most annoying one is that everytime we seem to change a empty ribbon to a new one it starts dragging after the printhead and we have to roll it in the first 2-3 prints. the problem suddenly accured a week or so ago but before that it wasnt a problem. any one know why this occures?

a few other problems are:
The machine is unable to read the chip, out of the blue it just stops registering it, but after 10-20 retrys it nomally works.

also a thin line sometime occures all across the print. almost like a thin thin marker. Im suspecting the white roll that collects dust to be the sinner, but not sure.

We use Substance vinyl because we make motocross graphics and that probably does not help the issue with banding and stuff since its not the most consistant vinyl in regards to gloss and so on.

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