Relatively easy though time consuming shadow effects in FlexiSign Pro
no plug-ins needed... Flexi’s support for bitmap editing is rudimentary at best don’t expect miracles...that being said you can get some things done with no need for PhotoShop or other similar app. if need be.

We’ll start with basic text...Aurora here around 10” x 36”
Duplicate your text, I chose a medium grey - you’ll want to tweak this later (you can do more with grey then particular colors you’ll see later)

surround the text with a rectangle - Choose “no fill”....you could also use a color....depending on your project....

You need the rectangle below the shadow text, If you tried to just convert the text to a bitmap Flexi would crop  it (the text) way to close not leaving room for the blur we’ll apply later.....
Rasterize both text and rectangle together, you can leave it at 72dpi

Back to the ”Bitmap” menu - “Filters” - “Blur”

Set it to 100% and Radius 16 - Apply

Set it to 100% and Radius 16 - Apply

Set it to 100% and Radius 16 - Apply

Set it to 100% and Radius 16 - Apply  

Marvel at SA International’s application development prowess......amazing and for only  $4995.00, with strings attached!

hex20.jpg hex20.jpg hex20.jpg hex20.jpg
Find your original text, place it on top of your newly created, extra special, look ma’ no plugins - shadow.

I like to go back and tweak it abit - “Bitmap” - “Filters” “Color Balance”  Here I added a little cyan, more in-tune with the letter color......

Not Bad! See told ya you wouldn’t need the resolution....
hex31.jpg hex32.jpg

Looks good with a white outline....

You can use the bitmap/blur thing for many effects - highlights -
glows etc.... I rarely use plug-ins...the process here, though laborious with Flexi is much faster to do in CorelDRAW! and looks far better then any plug in can achieve....

Have fun....


More tutorials can be found here

*Note this complete web page was generated with CorelDRAW x3
Screens shots via CorelCAPTURE x3 ;)