Tinted Windows

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Tinted Windows

Post by zlmark » Wed Dec 12, 2007 12:47 pm

What has anybody's experience been with the heavily tinted windows
we see a lot of these days. Here is the discussion; the tinted windows
handle adhesion of vinyl letters too well. I will only do a dry application
of agressive vinyl letters because if you use any kind of fluid, even
Quick-Stick by GAP you will be playing with the pick-up tape trying to
get the tape off for some time.
My recent experience with B-Free vinyl letters the letters pretty much
fell off in the cold. Dry application of course. The same same B-Free
was used on the paint of vehicle as you saw in an earlier post a
couple posts down ' How much would you charge?'
Don't know what exactly they are doing to these tinted windows but
they are an adhesion problem. What do any of you think?

Mark Summers

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