Anyone with a summa around The Piedmont NC area

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Anyone with a summa around The Piedmont NC area

Post by mill » Fri Jun 07, 2013 8:57 pm

Just seeing if anyone is around my area. I do not want to keep driving muts crazy :). Figured I could offer to pay someone to do a quick look!

Every time I seem to make some progress the further away it seems I am getting.

Here was my latest test, I played around with the screen freq. , adjusted the ribbon braking as mentioned in the forum, density within a 2500 range, and although these are not as vivid as the ones I originally had, the ribbon folds are still there. And now the banding is the most prominent I have seen.

If anyone has suffered through these same trials and tribulations please feel free to chime in.

It's a DC3+, here is the test pic


and the close up


I was thinking I could go into summa printer control and lower the density on the ribbon causing the issue, but I am not even sure which it is.

Thanks for chiming in.


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