Oce CS6060 Turning off, safe or dangerous?

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Oce CS6060 Turning off, safe or dangerous?

Post by mrdummy » Mon Aug 06, 2012 11:22 am


I have on the shop the old printer Océ CS6060 printer, also known from Seiko.
Because the shop has new printer, the old printer is less used. Staying on is only waste of electricity.

If i want turn the printer off for a while (press the power button on panel), is there some risk or dangers for drying out or is there no risk? Must i only flush inks each month or so? When i press it, i heard some noises and the window showed "shutdown in progress".
Normally, turning off should no have risks if pressed on the standard power off button on panel (not the power off switch or pull out power cable!) because heads will correct parking in place.
What is default flush time for Solvent printer when not used for long time?

Please tell me the right procedures to prevent dry heads. Thank you.

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