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Get-OFF! Bumper Stickers

Posted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 9:11 am
by TogaTony
More stickers!

We made these for an old timer from the local American Legion group. He got a little fed up at the last meeting and wanted to show his sentiments. At first he sad; "You don't have to makes these if you feel it's offensive." Huh? I had a good laugh.

Media: Summa Intermediate vinyl
2 spot colors: Bright Blue & Intense Red
Application: Freehand MX (Mac)
RIP: Summa Colorcontrol (PC)
Get-Off-2.png (373.64 KiB) Viewed 3131 times
Job run in sets of 20 (12" x 35" wide) per panel.
We run 2 panels at a time for 40 stickers.
Each sticker measures around 3x7 inches.
Contour cut by our name on left.
(We do this so customer can place sticker with or without our name.)
Sheet is cut down by hand (no flexcut to save media).
1 set will be transferred to magnetic sheeting.

Havin' fun,

Tony :-)

Re: Get-OFF! Bumper Stickers

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:32 am
by G-Artist
I have to this freebie or cost-only job?

If not why is your name on them?

Re: Get-OFF! Bumper Stickers

Posted: Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:34 pm
by TogaTony
Hey G!

The job was a charge with discount.

Detail on how we charge-out our stickers:

Device: Summa DC3 Plus
Each sticker measures 3" x 7 inches
Production Panel: 4 stickers high x 5 stickers wide.
Total units/panel = 20 stickers (full coverage)
Print area = 12" x 35" panel size
Sqft per panel = 3
Ribbons: 2
Waste = Near Zero

Customer ordered 12 stickers.
(We run 20, sell 12 and keep 8 for us)

We charged $36. or $3/sticker.
For magnetic stickers: Add $1/unit = $4
Art setup charge $30

On this job, we waived the art charge because the customer granted us permission to use his idea (and our artwork) for future use.

The name-tag on the side of the sticker snaps off when sticker is removed for use. We applied a contour cut to the left side of each of the bumper stickers so the customer can easily peel the stickers off the carrier paper without the tag.

We sell 3x7 stickers like 'Get-Off' in our store at $3 each.
Magnetic stickers of same size sell at $4 each.
It's the novelty thing -- people love the novelty!
The magnets sell best.

One last thing:

All our stickers say: 'Made in New York State' or 'Made in USA.'
People get all excited when they know the product is made locally.


Tony :-)