DC4sx foil and vinyl pricing

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DC4sx foil and vinyl pricing

Post by corelation » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:58 am

Hey there. We have had our DC4sx for about 7-8 months now. Prior to having it, we farmed our digital prints out to a solvent jet printer. We dealt in yardage and Pantones. Now we deal in square footage and CMYK. I (as well as others I imagine) are always curious if we are charging a fair price for both the customer and ourselves.
I would like to get some Canadian perspective on methods you use to quote correctly.

Mutts calculator is not really geared for Canadian prices, for instance...

1 mirrored chrome foil here costs $394 and a roll of 30" white costs $620. Ugh.

Our equation for quoting is:

We charge $1.40 per square foot of process colour foils - $1.90 square foot for spot colour.
We charge $1.60 per square foot for Intermediate quality vinyl (Avery) and $2.95 for Premium (Avery).

If I were to print a piece that is over 19.9" wide, I would charge for the 30" roll or, 2.5' x how ever long the piece is...say 10'.

We add an extra 6" to the length (linefeed callibration) which gives us the total square footage of 26.25 square feet (2.5' x 10.5').

If we have a CMY job (3 colour) printed onto Intermediate vinyl, the equation qould be $1.40 x 26.25' x 3 colour = $110.25 + 26.25 square feet of Intermediate vinyl = $42.00.
Total price for material would be: $151.25.

I know this may seem high in the States ( I am an American and know how much more expensive things are here). I wanted to see if these prices jive in the Candian market. Is your method/ system similar? Easier? Does it give you "piece of mind" when quoting?

Would love for everyone to really "perfect" the process of quoting so we're sure that we are not "dropping anyones jaw" or "shooting ourselves in the foot" either.

Your advice is appreciated and thank you for your time.

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