Scratch guard duo tone process??

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Scratch guard duo tone process??

Post by 2 Piece » Wed May 06, 2009 5:29 pm

I hope someone here can help. I am using Illy CS2 and have the Summa swatch palette.
I use my DC4 all the time and although there was a learning curve, I am very comfortable with it now, thanks greatly to this site and Summa support.
I am in need to print the scratch guard to just the image, not the to the image and the area around the image like is done with the scratch guard function turned on.
I have been told that with Illy and the new color palette that has scracth guard as a color you can use it as a duo tone color.
My question is, how do you apply a duo tone top color (scratch guard) to an image that has more than one color, and some of those colors are built as layers?

Thank You,

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