Digitel vinyl.....

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Digitel vinyl.....

Post by signman0808 » Wed May 14, 2008 12:09 pm

Has anyone been seeing these adds for the Digitel vinyl system that zeronine is going to be offering? (Lighted vinyl graphics - Anywhere)

I called Summa, and no they have no item like this in the works.

I spoke to a guy at zeronine, and he said he was interested in slitting down some of this material to fit my DC4, if I could give him some of my empty rolls.

But this leads to a major question....

I rember reading on the board that a member had cut down some gerber ribbons, and used them in there DC4, but what did that member to about the color chip that each color uses?

Does anyone else think that this new material is going to be really neat? or am I just seeing some possiblities that aren't really there?

Let me hear your feed back......


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