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print width 0.00" chrome and reflective plus alignment

Posted: Sat Dec 28, 2019 12:44 pm
by Joelswork
Ok guys,
I have successfully printed a few things just by button smashing, digital caveman style but things are getting real now. My DC4SX was originally purchased just to do my own decals for my private label products and since I have plotters running all the time I thought the time to step into printing was a good one. Now my sanity questions my decision. One of my long time clients has requested some logos printed on Chrome (Griff Poly chrome from Creative Film corp. and H&H supply). I somehow printed and contour cut some samples but I cannot repeat that process. I loaded the film, the optitrack couldn't see it so I selected the 24" width, now I have 0" print width and can't send the job because the print width is too small.

Also on a couple of attempts last night on this an my 3m reflective, I send the job and it prints but then does the alignment dance until the film is all jacked up. the optitrac should be off, correct?