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4sx alignment issue and D75 y axis error

Posted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 11:52 pm
by upandup
I have almost perfected my production, but I have two nagging issues that aren't deal breakers, but slow production considerably.

#1 - I print decals on my 4sx and I always start with the linefeed calibration. In between copies it checks the optitrac marks (I'm using black) and sometimes immediately begins printing the next row, but sometimes it pulls the media in and tweaks it attempting to adjust alignment. What I end up with is a zigzag of rows. Wouldn't be a huge issue, but I would like to set my D75 to replot based on the opos marks.

I talked to tech support and they told me to check the media to make sure it is on the guides (it is) and also clean the drive rollers. I even took off the panel below to be able to clean the drive rollers with a toothbrush. It did help, but the issue is still occurring. Any suggestions on how to keep my print aligned?

#2 - As I mentioned in the last question, I use my D75 to cut decals using opos. I will cut anywhere from 2-5 rows and then it will give me a "error in y axis". Only thing I can do is shut it off. It happens exactly the same every time - it reads all 4 opos marks then slides to the right and hits the "wall" where it stops and gives the error. Any ideas? Tech support told me to check that the sensor wasn't hitting a pinch roller and it's not.