DC 3 Unloading

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DC 3 Unloading

Post by SO CAL » Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:03 am

We got a DC3 a few months ago and although i knew the size it was still a surprise to see it. worse than that it was on a pickup and i was ready to unload it with a forklift. we were able to pull two wheels off of the pickup far enough to get the forks under the base to lift it up and drive the truck away to lower it. Somehow i thought that we could get the forks under the printer top but there were no previsions for that and there was no info on where to lift it, so we opted for our Rube Goldberg system.
With that aside we have learned the basics of the printer with a lot of help from Summa and this forms archives. There is an enormous amount of information here and i want to thank you all for that.
We do industrial stickers, tags, decals, i don't think i will ever know what to call them because our customers all call them something different. This machine seems to do a great job with them. We are still having some issues that i may bother you with them sometime.

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Re: DC 3 Unloading

Post by Muts » Sun Oct 10, 2010 11:42 am

We do industrial stickers, tags, decals,
This machine works extremely well for work of this type...being able to print white is worth
it's weight. :)

it is a beast to move though.

Best of luck...please post some of your work.. I'd like to see it.

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When ours arrived, the delivery driver refused to touch the machine. The truck didn't have a lift gate and we had no loading dock... took six guys...fun.

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Re: DC 3 Unloading

Post by signshoppe540 » Sun Oct 10, 2010 9:44 pm

Oh, does that picture bring back memories. Our DC3+ has now been in 5 locations, and every move is a nightmare. But it always, always (knock wood) fires right back up (being sure to take the cassettes out before moving it is good insurance!) and keeps on producing. :D

Summa DC3+, GCC Panther 24, Roland EGX-300, Brother Rubber Stamp Maker.

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